At Ridgeline Specialty Sports we offer a variety of services with good turn around time. Here is a list of services we provide:


Wheel Truing: $8-$12 per wheel
Tube/Tire install- $5
Brake/Derailleur Adjustment- $10 per component
*Bike build- $50-$100
*Bike package- $30-$60

*Prices subject to vary

Skis and Snowboards

Winter Service Rates

Hot Wax: $10

Edge Sharpening: $20

Base Grind: $20

P-Tex Base Repair: $8 – small scratch

P-Tex Base Repair: $15 – large scratch

*Subject to technician’s opinion.

Mount Ski Bindings: $40

Torque Test Ski Bindings: $30

Basic Tune: $30

Deluxe Tune: $40

Install Boot Heaters: $25